The Next Wave of SEO – What You Need to Know About SEO Today

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the most effective ways for online businesses to generate traffic. The problem with the strategy is that the rules and conditions for ranking change on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important that you adapt and learn about the new changes. Here are some of the new changes you need to implement and take notice of, especially when working with Google.

1. Google+ and Authorship – Google+ has become more important for online marketers attempting to profit from SEO. Google released their authorship program, which allowed publishers to be protected from duplicate content penalties and publish under their desired website.

The release of authorship eventually lead way to author rank, which is a new ranking factor that helps authors with a better reputation. Google+’s network allows users to +1 content, boosting the reputation of the author. This results in higher rankings for content that has more +1s, links, followers and a high author reputation.

2. Local and Mobile Search – The search engines have been slowly catering more to local results, especially for search terms with commercial intent. That’s why local businesses need to get more involved with local search. Boca Raton SEO can help make sure that your local profiles is set up correctly and start a campaign to secure top positions for local results.

Mobile is also becoming important for SEO. More users are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. In fact, some websites are reporting that 15 to 35 percent of their visitors are mobile. Businesses now need to set up mobile friendly sites and also build a SEO campaign for their mobile site to take advantage of increasing trend of mobile usage.

3. Schema Markups – You now have more control over how your listing appears in the search engine results than ever before. Using schema markups, you can list the opening hours of your business, display product ratings, and even integrate snippets of customer reviews. There are many different types of data that can be displayed in your listing.

Schema markups make your listing stand out in the search results, resulting in higher CTR to your web page. They can also assist in conversion since things such as ratings and price affect sales. If that wasn’t enough to make a case for them, they provide a better user experience by listing different pages on your site so that visitors can click towards the page that they’re interested in.

4. Demise of Black Hat Techniques – For a long time, black hat techniques such as buying links and using well constructed link networks continued to be very effective. Google looked down on these techniques but never really took proper action to crack down on black hat practitioners.

With the release of Penguin 2.0, Google is now actively pursuing and penalizing sites that are engaging in these practices. They have updated their system to search for these sites and identify links that are from paid sources. While it will still be possible to get away with some of these techniques, it is becoming more risky to use them. Our Boca Raton SEO company focuses on white hat strategies that are designed to bring you long term results.

If you’re looking to work with a company that is well versed in what’s going on in the SEO world, you can depend on Boca Raton SEO. Our Boca Raton SEO company has created successful campaigns for many clients and can build a search campaign that’s designed to bring in results.